Cambria County Divorce Forms


Finding and completing divorce forms is not an easy task. Typically, the type of your divorce will determine which ones are required. Other aspects that will factor in are the family situation, agreement or disagreement of the spouses, disputes related to children and property, as well as specific court requirements.

Here is a list of forms that are generally filed in divorce cases in Cambria County, Pennsylvania:

  • Notice to Defend and Divorce Complaint. In this form, the plaintiff asks to be granted a divorce and explains the reasons for it. They also present basic information about themselves, their spouse, and their marriage.
  • Acceptance of Service. The filing party uses this form when they serve the papers on the defendant themselves. The defendant should sign it to confirm that they have received the copies of the initial papers signed.
  • Affidavit of Consent. Both parties should sign this form to prove that they consent to the divorce.
  • Waiver of Notice. With this form, the court can sign the final Decree without notice to the party who has filed it.
  • Praecipe to Transmit Record. This form requests the clerk to send the divorce case records to the judge.
  • Divorce Decree. The divorce process ends when the judge signs the Decree, which includes final orders for spouses to abide by.

These are only some of the documents that you may need. You can find Cambria County divorce forms in pdf format on the local court website. Before you do, you should know exactly which ones are necessary for your specific case.

How to File Divorce Papers in Cambria County?

To file for divorce in Cambria County, you need to gather the required forms, fill them in, and file them with the local court. Pennsylvania divorce requires you to follow a standard structured procedure, which is crucial to know if you do not have a lawyer to guide you. Below are the basic steps that should be taken if your case is uncontested.

Step 1: Filing the Complaint

To start the divorce process, one of the parties must file a Complaint with two forms attached: Notice to Defend and Claim Rights and Verification. The plaintiff must bring the original and two copies to the Office of the Clerk of Family Court and pay a filing fee. The clerk will time-stamp the documents, take the original, and return the copies to the plaintiff.

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Step 2: Serving the Defendant and Waiting for Their Answer

One of the copies of time-stamped documents must be served on the defendant within 30 days to notify them about the divorce process. If they live outside Pennsylvania, this period will last 90 days. The defendant has 30 days to sign the Affidavit of Service that matches the service type to confirm that they have been served with the papers and file it with the Office of the Clerk of Family Court. There may be additional steps required depending on the mode of service.

Step 3: Waiting Period

After the defendant was served with the papers and filed the answer, the court imposes a 90-day waiting period. It is intended to give the spouses a chance to reconsider their decision to end the marriage.

Step 4: Filing Other Documents

As soon as the waiting period is over, the couple should complete and file some of these forms:

  • Affidavit of Consent to confirm that both parties agree to the divorce;
  • Waiver of Notice;
  • Notice of Intent;
  • Praecipe to Transmit Record;
  • Decree of Divorce.

Depending on the intentions and agreements of the spouses, the further process and the types of forms they need may differ.

It should also be noted that the parties have 30 days to file an Affidavit of Consent from the date they sign it. If they do not do this in the given period of time, they should resign and refile the form.

Step 5: Finalize Your Divorce

If all the paperwork filed in the previous steps is completed properly and with no mistakes, the court will sign the Decree of Divorce and send copies to both parties. The signed Decree finalizes the divorce process.

Where Do You File Divorce Papers in Cambria County?

Divorce papers must be filed in the county where either the plaintiff or the defendant lives. You should take the forms to the local county court, the office where legal pleadings are filed. Here is a list of Cambria County divorce courts.

Court Name Court Address Working Hours Phone Number
Cambria County Courthouse 200 S Center St, Ebensburg, PA 15931 Monday-Friday: 8:30am-4:30pm (814) 472-5440
Magisterial District Court 11-1-01 615 Main St, 1st Floor, Patton, PA 16668 Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm (814) 674-8250
Magisterial District Court 11-2-01 110 Franklin St, Suite 100, Johnstown, PA 15901 Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm (814) 536-4005
Magisterial District Court 11-3-01 117 W High St, Ebensburg, PA 15931 Monday-Friday: 8:00am-4:00pm (814) 472-7244

How Much Does It Cost to File Divorce Papers in Cambria County?

Depending on the type of divorce, it may cost from $200 to about $30,000 in Cambria County.

Uncontested cases, when the couple can file the papers without outside help, would only entail court fees and perhaps some expenditures on online services. The average Cambria County divorce filing fees are $200-$400, depending on the court and any additional matters and motions that may be involved. The document preparation services will only add $139 to that sum.

A contested divorce that requires the engagement of attorneys may cost about $17,500-$30,000. The final sum depends on the lawyer’s hourly fee, which ranges from $250 to $350, the number of disputes, and their complexity (if any additional specialists should be involved).

How Long Does It Take to File Divorce Papers in Cambria County?

Divorce in Cambria County may last from three months to several years, depending on the circumstances.

A mutual consent divorce in Pennsylvania can be finalized in 90 days since the defendant has been served the papers if there are no mistakes in the paperwork and the judge signs the Decree.

A contested divorce may take much longer, depending on how many disputes need to be resolved and how hard it is to do this. In most complicated cases, it may last for several years.

Can I File My Own Divorce Papers in Cambria County?

Filing for divorce in Cambria County can be completed on your own, without the involvement of family attorneys, if there are no disagreements between you and your spouse, and the court does not need to resolve any disputes for you.

Who Can Help with Filling out Cambria County Divorce Papers?

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