Windham County Divorce Forms

To start the divorce process, couples should collect and fill out documents necessary for their case. Forms to prepare may differ depending on whether spouses have minor children, will ask for the waiting period cancelation, are in agreement or not, etc.

Information on some basic Windham County divorce forms in PDF that you may need to file with the court is provided below.

  1. Summons. Family Actions. This form informs a defendant that the divorce suit is filed against them and specifies what they must do after receiving this document.
  2. Divorce Complaint/Cross Complaint. A plaintiff fills it out to ask a judge to end their marriage, order alimony, determine child custody, return their maiden name, etc. A defendant can use the same form for a counterclaim.
  3. Notice of Automatic Court Orders. It protects all participants in the divorce process; this form prevents one spouse from selling any property or taking children out of state without the other spouse’s consent.
  4. Dissolution Agreement. The parties sign an agreement to confirm they have resolved issues on alimony, division of assets, liabilities, and debts.
  5. Financial Affidavit. This document includes spouses’ financial information, such as their income, assets, liabilities, health insurance, etc.

How to File Divorce Papers in Windham County?

To file for divorce in Windham County, you or your spouse must have been a state resident for at least 12 months. Also, you should determine the reasons for ending a marriage; no-fault grounds for Connecticut divorce can be irreconcilable differences, while fault-based ones are adultery, incurable insanity for 5 years, cruelty, habitual intemperance, desertion, etc.

The no-fault and uncontested divorce process usually includes the following steps, presented in the image below.

Where Do You File Divorce Papers in Windham County?

You can file your divorce documents with the Windham County divorce courts, the addresses of which are specified below. Besides, you may consider e-filing through the Connecticut Judicial Branch E-Services if online filing is suitable for your case.

Court Name Court Address Working Hours Phone Number
Windham Judicial District Courthouse 155 Church Street
Willimantic, CT 06226
Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm (860) 423-8491
Danielson Judicial District Courthouse 120 School Street
Danielson, CT 06239
Mon-Fri: 8:30am-5:00pm (860) 779-8480

How Much Does It Cost to File Divorce Papers in Windham County?

Current Windham County divorce filing fees are around $350. Additional expenses for serving a defendant will be $50. Also, spouses need to pay around $125 for attending parenting classes.

How Long Does It Take to File Divorce Papers in Windham County?

It is possible to get a divorce in Windham County within approximately a month if a defendant does not respond to the complaint, if spouses meet the simplified divorce requirements, or if they are in agreement and ask the court to cancel the waiting period.

In other cases, couples must wait at least 90 days before the divorce process can be finalized. On average, divorce timelines can be from 3-4 months to a year and more, depending on the case.

Can I File My Own Divorce Papers in Windham County?

Filing for divorce in Windham County independently and without the involvement of a lawyer is reasonable in uncontested cases when spouses have no unresolved issues regarding child custody, maintenance, property division, etc.

Who Can Help with Filling Out Windham County Divorce Papers?

Using a document preparation service is a wise solution for couples who have an uncontested, no-fault divorce and want to complete Windham County divorce papers online. With the help of our online service, you will receive up-to-date forms needed for your case within the chosen timeframe and at a reasonable price after you answer the questions about your divorce in a convenient online questionnaire.